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Along the History Road

Tehran-Isfahan-shiraz, iran

7 days tour

7 days tour

per adult

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Day 1, starting from Shiraz, the city tour of Shiraz, city of poem & nightingale, including Vakil Complex, Pars museum, & mosque of Nasir-ol Molk, the tombs of Iranian famous Poets Hafiz & Sa’adi, Ali’ebn-e Hamzeh (Holy Shrine) and the Quran Gate, O/N Shiraz



Day 2, The next destination will be Yazd, 490Km away, into which we’ll arrive in the afternoon, but not before making a few stops along the way, to visit Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam (Necropolis), Pasargadae (Tomb and Palaces of Cyrus the Great) , UNESCO World Heritage Site,  and a 4000 years old cypress in Abarqu, O/N Yazd

Day 3, After breakfast we’ll start a tour around the city, including the exploration of Silence Tower, Atashkadeh (Zoroastrian’s fire temple), the Water Museum and Amir Chakhmaq Square in the morning, plus Yazd’s traditional urban area, where you’ll be able to admire the Jame’a Mosque, Alexander Prison, Tomb of Davazdah Imam and Zour Khaneh (Iranian’s traditional gymnasium) in the afternoon, O/N Yazd



Day 4, while driving to Esfahan – 250Km away – for some visits we’ll stop in Meybod, Chak Chak (Famous Zoroastrian’s Pantheon) and Na’in, then by arriving in Isfahan, during the evening we’ll walk along the river, to explore the historical bridges and enjoy the unique view & atmosphere of the region, O/N Isfahan

Day 5, With much more of Esfahan to explore, we’ll visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square(UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Ali Qapu Palace in the morning, while the afternoon will be dedicated to visiting Jaam’e Mosque, Vank Cathedral and Maria Church, plus visiting Chehel Sotoun/40 Pillar  Palace, O/N Isfahan



Day 6, Drive to Kashan via Abiyaneh, & visiting Fin Complex in the Kashan, O/N Kashan

Day 7, Half day city tour, encompassing the exploration of Abbasiha & Tabataba’iha Houses, as well as the ancient Tappe siyalk, then you’ll be transferred to the airport to board the home bound flight.