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Birdwathching in Iran 10/11/2018 - 31/07/2019

per person490,00
Visiting Darband mountainside, and the wildlife of Golestan National Park, Khosh Yellagh Reserve, Touran Wildlife Refuge & Biosphere, Parvar Game Reserve, and stopping at sites of Iran's highest peak of Mt Damavand

Climbing Mt Alamkouh & Damavand 21/11/2018 - 02/05/2019

per person1 500,00
Climbing Mt Alamkouh & Damavand Tour, Sightseeing in Tehran, trek up to Koloun-Bastak peak, Short trek in Mazichal, Sightseeing in local Bazaar, The 2-hour trek to the advanced camp at 3700m of Hesarchal, Trekking up to the Lashgarak peak (4200m),Trekking up to the Menar and Gardoun-Kouh peak (4300m), Reaching to the Alamkouh summit, Driving to the Caspian Sea, Shopping in the Local Bazaar, Driving to Nandal, Driving up to Gardanehsar (nearly 3000m), trek up to the advanced camp, Reaching the summit, Sightseeing in Tehran

Cycling Tour in Iran 19/11/2018 - 01/08/2019

per person1 000,00
Group meeting at the hotel in Tehran, driving to Qom, first day of cycling in Kashan, cycling in Abouzeidabad and Matin Abad, cycling toward Dasht-e Kavir, cycling and arrival in Abyaneh, City tour of Isfahan, driving to Kuhpayeh, cycling in Qehi and Varzaneh desert, cycling in Yazd and Meybod, cycling in Abarkuh, Eghlid and Zagros mountain, cycling in Pasargadae, full day city tour of Persepolis & Shiraz

Mount Damavand Climbing Tour 20/11/2018 - 17/07/2019

per person0,00
Mount Damavand climbing tour, Arrival in Tehran, transfer to Nandal & Base Camp, Ascending to Advanced Camp (4350 meters), Acclimatization day, Damavand summit, visiting Damavand caldera, sulfur fumaroles, landscapes, Descending and transferring back to Tehran, Visiting Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage site), National Museum and the Grand Bazaar.

Ski touring in Alborz 22/11/2018 - 04/06/2019

per person1 500,00
Arriving in Tehran, Driving to Taleghan valley, 4 Days of skiing, Driving to Polour(2300m), Skiing up to 3rd camp(4200m), Acclimatization skiing up to (4800m), Reaching the Summit

Ski touring in Damavand area 22/11/2018 - 01/05/2019

per person1 500,00
Ski touring in Damavand area, Driving to Polour(2300m), Short ski tour, Ski touring day near Gol e zard peak(3400m), Ski touring day near Pashoure peak (3800m), Ski touring day near Changizchal peak (3950m), Ski touring day near Angemar peak(4000m), Skiing up to 3rd camp(4200m), Acclimatization day skiing up to 4800m, Reaching Summit (5609m)

Ski touring in Zagros 20/11/2018 - 04/06/2019

per person1 500,00
Ski tour in Zagros, Arriving in Isfahan, Small tour in Chelgerd, 5 days of skiing, Maybe little ski touring at the 6th day, and then back to Isfahan

Ski touring in Zagros 2 20/11/2018 - 04/06/2019

per person1 500,00
Ski touring in Zagros mountains, Small Tour in Chelgerd, Skiing near the peak near chelgerd, Ski touring in Shahmansouri peak or Gilas peak, Ski touring near Mohammad-Abad peak, Ski touring day from small village to another village, ski touring for a day, little ski touring on the nameless peak near Chelgerd

Ski touring in Zagros 3 20/11/2018 - 09/08/2019

per person1 500,00
Ski touring on Zagros maountains, Sightseeing in Isfahan,Sightseeing Tour in The morning,driving to Chelgerd in the afternoon, Ski touring day near Shahmansouri peak or Gilas peak, Ski touring day from Chelgerd to a small village, Ski touring from the small village to another village,
per person0,00
Wildlife Tour of Khar Turan National Park, there is a chance to watch some unique animal species such as, Pallas’s cat, Houbara ,Persian ground jay and Goitered gazelle, going to Damghan and visiting TariKhane Mosque, going to Bastam town and visit Bayazid Bastami and Abul Hassan Kharaqani Shrines, two Persian Sufis, visiting the stepped village of Qala-Bala, going to Reza Abad Village, a village in the desert in Shahrood County to see Persian Zebra