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Hotel Reservations Our company takes full responsibility for your hotel reservations. Some types of accommodations are available in this country and we would make the best choice to maximize your comfort. The choice is yours, choose the best type of accommodation you see fit.   Depending on the time you stay and the service you […]

Flight Tickets

Flight ticket is a document that is booked by an individual or a travel agency. Flights can be booked in two different ways, one is getting a paper ticket or what is called voucher and second is getting a flight ticket online. What is an e-ticket? It is called different names like the electronic ticket, […]

Tour Guide

Who is a tour guide? A tour guide is a person that travels with the tourists or joins them at the site and provides information about a specific place, monument, or a natural phenomenon. The tour guide usually gets a license from an authorized institute and has been trained and taught by authentic teachers of […]


Our company provides a wide variety of transportation services. You can choose the appropriate car between the existing vehicles. Transportation between different cities, airports and every part of Iran is available through this operator. Depending on the number of individuals and your budget we can offer you different types of cars. We are aware that […]

Meybod Yazd an Open-air museum of ancient watermills

Meybod seeks UNESCO status for long being a cradle of watermills and for its cultural evolution of water supply through the millennia, ISNA reported. Meybod Governor Hossein Fallah said on Tuesday that the city embraces 22 historical watermills some of which have been or are to be restored while some are forgotten in the course […]

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Iranian visa can be issued to the tourists who travel to Iran, their friends and family. It can be issued for one person or a group. The visa is issued for 30 days and it could be extended, and is valid for 3 months. In order to get a Visa you should refer to your […]


Situated in southwestern Asia, Iran covers an area of 1,648,000 sq km (636,296 sq mi) and

Visa and Travel

Who can visit Iran?   All nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran. The only exception is citizens of Israel. And this is just because of some political issues, that Israeli citizens will be refused entry under all circumstances.   Once I am in Iran, can I get my visa extended to stay longer?   […]


How to Get a Visa Passport-holders from six countries (Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey) get a three-month tourist visa on arrival. Tourists from other countries need to arrange a visa in advance.

safety & health

  Safety and Security: Professional tourist declared that Iran is a safe country to go and Crime is not a problem for travelers in Iran.

The 10 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders In Iran

If mosques and ancient ruins aren’t enough to satisfy a sightseeing tour

Things to do in Iran

Naqsh-e Jahan Square Naqsh-e Jahan Square, is a square situated at the center of Isfahan city, Iran.


Visa Passport-holders from six countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey) get a three-month tourist visa on arrival. Tourists from other countries need to arrange a visa in advance.

Iran Information

Food Food variety in Iran. Iran Information Iran is an Islamic republic on the Persian Gulf with historical sites dating to the Persian Empire. Cities Iran’s main cities are Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kerman, Yazd. Unesco UNESCO has designated 19 sites in Iran as word heritage sites. Iranian culture and clothing Throw out any preconceived notion […]