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About Us

Iran Tour Gate is a specialized team with professional and qualified members. Together, we try to maximize your satisfaction and provide a unique experience for our clients. Each member of our team is passionate about travel, culture, and environment, and we do our best to be alongside our clients at every step of the way.

We are grateful that you have recommended this company and been the cause of our success.

We love traveling and enjoy communicating with people from all over the world. We try our best to make sure that you return to your country with good memories. This is our profession and our goal. So if you have decided to go on a trip to Iran, the land of history culture and poetry, feel free to contact us and let us know your interests. It is our honor to show you the landmarks, nature, culture, and wildlife of this part of the world as a heritage of humanity.

The Land of Ancient Civilization

Iran has 7000 years of civilization and there are traces that prove it even goes back before 7000 years, the land of Cyrus the Great, Darius and Xerxes that were the number one rival of Greeks. Iran has a rich literature, especially in poetry, individuals as Rumi, Khayyam, Hafez, and Saadi were born in this land. The people are kind and are known mostly for their hospitality. We want to take you on a journey through culture, history, and spirituality. We try to provide you a unique experience you have never had before. Iran Tour Gate is a tour operating company that collaborates with many different companies and partners and do make connections so you can just enjoy your trip. Our team has been formed to cooperate and each member is one of the best in his/ her field.


How We Conduct Tours

Iran Tour Gate is a tourism service provider. We have been working in hotel reservation field, and have been providing accommodation in crowded seasons or high seasons for our clients. We offer accommodation from cheap guesthouses to luxury hotels. We also provide transportation, experience-oriented tours, and tour guides and to be more exact the entire travel package. You can contact us and ask any questions that come to your mind.

Know More About Us

License holder of Gilgamesh Magazine

GILGAMESH International is a famous quarterly publication, The name is the same as the ancient legend of Gilgamesh.Gilgamesh is also an acronym of the nine different sections of the magazine: Geography, Iranology, Lifestyle, Graball, Art, Mythology, Environment, Study, History


Hamid Khalilipanah

The Founder & CEO

Hamid Khalilipanah is the founder and the CEO of Iran Tour Gate, he started his career by becoming the manager of Pejman Rayaneh Digital Photo Services. Then he became the CEO of Technology Bartar Haft Company. Later, he took positions as the Manager of Rahpouyan Yesna Tourism Counseling Institute, Counselor of Startup Projects, and founded Keryas Haft Sepehr travel agency. He had been an executive team member at 2017 WFTGA Convention in Iran. He has bachelor’s degrees in Hotel Management, and Tourism Management, and a Masters degree in Geography Tourism Planning. His final project was “Planning for Free Times at Nights” a case study which was conducted in Kish Island.


Mahsa Motahar

The Executive Manager of Incoming Tours 

She has studied Tourism Management and also has a master’s degree in Geography Tourism. She has a good knowledge of Persian, English and Arabic Languages. She has been teaching at several tourist guide institutes and has taken different positions as the Manager of Domestic Counter, Chairman of Training Committee, Management Board Member of Tourist Guides Association, Scientific Committee Member of 1st National Tourism Literary Symposium, Tourism Expert on various radio programs and Tourism Counselor of Tourism village of Gangnameh in Hamedan and Hamrah Vas Holding. She has also been guiding tourists since the year 2000.


Sanaz Mostafazadeh

The Operating Manager of Incoming Tours

Sanaz Mostafazadeh is the operating manager of incoming tours of Iran Tour Gate. She has experience in managing different types of tours, workshops, and the like for more than 10 years and she is a Geotourism Tour Guide. She has a bachelor’s degree in French literature and is capable of speaking English, French and Turkish. She loves traveling and astronomy.


Hossein Jamali Moghaddam

The Operator of Incoming Tours

Hossein Jamali Moghaddam is the operator of incoming tours of Iran Tour Gate. He has a bachelor’s degree in Translation Studies. As a translator, he had been translating different texts for the Publication of Shahr-e Qods University. He also has teaching experience and is a licensed tour guide. He had been the owner of Tornado Game Center, and the owner of Pedar Khande Fast Food Restaurant.