Well, let’s see. Remember that as much as Iranian society and culture is mysterious to you, the same is true to Iranians when they come across you . So, we all need to learn from each other.
Persian language:
The official language of Iran is Persian(farsi,Parsi),but since Iranian are so hospitable everyone will be happy to help u. among people there are some who can speak English, mostly young people.
Don’t be shy to initiate a talk, most likely that would soon follow by you being invited to their homes. If you got invited, you might want to really go there! .Iranian love guests.
Food and beverage:
As a general description, food in Iran tends to be colorful, healthy and simple.
There are no exotic and unusual foods in Iran, u are familiar with all the materials used in Iranian foods, the difference is the magic Iranian culinary which give the materials better taste and quality. Taste is added via herbs, light spices and fruit and the dishes are not spicy.
What do Iranians eat?
Due to the range of culinary traditions across the Iranian provinces, food in Iran is extremely various. Common to all the Iranian provinces however, is the fact that Iranian food tends to be both healthy and nutritious.
It includes a wide variety of foods ranging from Chelow Kebab (rice served with roasted meat), Khoresh (stew served Iranian rice: Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh, Fesenjān, and others), Āsh (a thick soup: for example Āsh-e reshteh), Kuku (vegetable soufflé), Polo (rice alone or with addition of meat and/or vegetables and herbs, including Loobia Polo, Albaloo Polo, Sabzi Polo, Zereshk Polo, Baghali Polo and others), and a variety of salads, pastries, and drinks specific to different parts of Iran. The list of Persian recipes, appetizers and desserts is extensive.
‘Dough’ is a very popular salty yoghurt drink
Great efforts are made when making sweet foods in Iran. Every Iranian province has its own traditions and approaches to produce these exotic desserts and fruits in which dates and nuts are common ingredients.
Rice (berenj) is a staple of any Iranian meal and the most beautiful variations of rice based meals are found in Iran. Rice preparation is indeed an art in Iran
Persian rice with its unique flavor and fragrance will always remain in your mind.

As u know alcoholic drinks are banned in Iran. But that does not mean that u cannot find popular drinks in Iran. Most of the non-alcoholic drinks such as Pepsi,Cola,Fant and … that u can find in ur hometown are also available in Iran.Specially,non-alchoholic beers in different flavors can catch ur eyes.
In addition to the popular drinks,we suggest you to test Persian traditional drinks such as khak-e shir,shir-peste(pestatue with milk),and fresh fruits that due to the Climate variability can be find in each season.
One of the most popular drinks Iranians have with their foods is “dough” which is the combination of yogurt and water with salt and different kinds of fragrant vegetables.

Drinking water:
In most of the cities, plumbing water is drinkable. But also u can buy the water (we call to it mineral water) from supermarkets or mini bars. In the margins of the streets, in summer, u can see water dispensers and they are free to use. We advise u to use those water dispensers working with electricity rather than water tanks .These water dispenser are put in the street by normal people so that passers can use them and the reason that people put water in the street is th3 3rd Imam of Shiaa muslims who martyred while he was thirsty.